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Terms & Conditions
The prices shown include VAT at the rate fixed by the regulations for transport services (*), chauffeur service, fuel and unlimited insurance "transported people" tolls, parking fees and meals are at the expense of passengers.

Baggage will be accepted within 30 kg per passenger and remaining in the custody of it.

Upon request, a listing is provided to transport the person transported to the completion of the transport service.

Accepted methods of payment: Cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card ...).

Any transport service is payable upon completion, if the occupant has the quality of "customer account" provision gives rise to an invoice payable upon receipt, by the 15th of the month following scripts.

Any claim shall be admissible only within 8 days of the execution of the transport service concerned.

Any dispute falls Courts instead of the Registered Office of the Company A. Dom'Star.

(*) Rate of VAT: 10% For transfers and 20% at your disposal (the rate that would be updated in the event of any change in legislation and / or regulations).

Transport people for a fee is a regulated activity. Only authorized vehicles (Great Discount, Transport casual) can perform this service. Allow us to warn you against some organizations using unlicensed cars are outside and can not legally give you any guarantee.
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